Avoid Burnout – 10 Ways to Cope with Stress

Avoid Burnout – 10 Ways to Cope with Stress

Last month I wrote about burnout in Road to Success.  If you are feeling that you are heading toward burnout, the best thing you can do for yourself is to replenish yourself.  Rest is very important but there are other ways to replenish yourself.  Here is a list of 10 ways to reduce stress:

  1. Seek help.  If you are feeling stressed by the amount of work you have, seek help.  Look for ways to delegate or offload what you can.  Talk to your supervisor or manager.
  2. Bite-sized portions.  Sometimes looking at the whole project seems overwhelming.  Try breaking it into more manageable pieces.  Make a realistic timeline. 
  3. Unclutter your life.  Physical clutter can be stressful.  It drains you of energy. Look around your home or office.  Does everything have a place so you can find things quickly?  You will be surprised by the amount of energy you can get by just cleaning up your office, closet, or desk.
  4. Schedule several break times into every day.  Stop what you are doing and get up to stretch or walk for 2 minutes.  You’ll be more creative and have more energy when you return. 
  5. Keep testimonials and awards close by.  When you have doubts in yourself look back at your awards, complimentary reviews, and positive feedback to boost your morale and give you confidence in yourself. Acknowledge your own value.
  6. Stop saying negative things to yourself.  We are often our harshest critic.  Reinforce what you do well.  Keep your thoughts positive and encourage yourself.
  7. Have realistic goals for yourself.  Know what you want and have a plan to get there.  If something interrupts your plan, you may need to regroup or replan.  Be forgiving to yourself.
  8. Call a friend – Relax by having a chat with a friend.  You might share your stress or just enjoy their company to unwind.
  9. Practice breathing slowly and deeply.  Many people stop breathing or just take shallow breaths when they are under stress.  Take the time to breathe deeply for a minute or two.  Remind yourself to breathe as you work.
  10. Buy yourself a flower.  Flowers can cheer you up.  Order some for your desk or pick up a bunch at the supermarket when you shop.   You can even try planting your own.  I’ve had amaryllis’ in the winter that grew into a beautiful large flower.  They were breath takingly beautiful!  (Keep breathing though. 😊)


Gain a new perspective on the work that you do.  With coaching my clients say they find new ways to overcome a stressful situation and have more confidence in their ability to move forward.  If you could use a new way to look at yourself, your job and your life, I’d love to work with you.  Call me or text me at 617-240-5353 or email me at asparker@asparker.com


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