Should We Cancel Thanksgiving?

On November 15th the Boston Globe had an article entitled The Pilgrims would agree: Cancel Thanksgiving this year. The premise of the article is that it’s been such an awful year, let’s wait to celebrate when we are all vaccinated, and we have something to celebrate. The writer explains that that is what the Pilgrims did. What do you think?

Ten Places for Quiet Reflection

The pandemic has created a new kind of busyness. If you are working from home there is the never ending push/pull between your work and your family. If you are working outside your home then you are busy commuting and trying to keep your home virus free. Finding ways and times to just be quiet and reflective is difficult. Here is a list of places for quiet reflection

Making a plan

How Flexible Are You At Work?

I don’t know how to plan for the coming year. “ my client said to me. “One day we are virtual the next day we are in the office and then they shut us down again.

How the Quarantine Changed My Belief

How the Quarantine Changed My Belief

Sometimes we aren’t aware that we are working off old rules that need to be changed. The pandemic forced me to study my options and then change the rule.

Your Answers to These Questions After the Quarantine

Your Answers to These Questions After the Quarantine

What a year 2020 is turning out to be!  And we are only 6 months into it.  The pandemic, the...

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